Reflection on Semester

At the beginning of the semester I was unsure how I felt about metadata and working with digital repositories. However I have enjoyed all the work we have done, especially creating our learning networks with twitter/blogs, listening to all the presentations of great repositories out there, and working with Omeka. I probably had the most fun working with Omeka and analyzing the images. I love that it is a free software and almost want to download it to just play around with more. So I think it is safe to say that I would enjoy a job working in this particular subfield. I hope everyone has a nice summer and I will see everyone on Twitter! 🙂



Hard to believe that we just finished out last class. The semester has gone by so fast! I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations, both tonight and the other nights. I liked going over the schemas one more time as a recap and having the handouts as a quick reference.

DePol Subject Selection

The Depol images I have do not have titles or much else information available in the spreadsheet. I feel pretty confident with my other images, however I am unsure if I chose the best subject for this image below.

I choose Printing for the subject for this item. I believe it is just a woodblock, brayer, and ink. I am hoping that there is not anything more specific, that I am missing, other than Printing.


Football Description Help



I am a bit unsure of how to describe this image. I believe that the Alabama quarterback #14 handed the ball off to # 33 (a fullback). However, I could see where it might have been handed off to #22 (a running back) as well. I cannot see the ball itself so I am not sure if my assumption is correct. I am not sure how else to describe the image if neither player (#22 or #33) had the football.
Any football experts have any suggestions? Or see something I am missing?


Player Names

I have listed all of the player names for those who have visible numbers, however I feel like we should add to that element. In the indexing guidelines the examples only list their first and last name. I think it might be more helpful if we listed their number and team as well. For example like: Ingram, Mark (22, Alabama). I am familiar with Alabama football so I can reference a player by name alone, however if I was not familiar with Alabama football it might be confusing that only the player names are listed. Anyone else have this thought?

Indexing: Progress Made

Well, I am feeling pretty good with the Football and Depol images for tonight. I have laid the foundation and put information in for almost all the elements. However, there are still things I need to go have an recheck for typos and anything incorrect.

For instance I feel like I need to go over the Depol Title and Description elements. The images I have did not have very much information on the spreadsheet available in the guidelines, so it was a bit hard. Then with the football images I think I need to revisit the Subject, Title and Description elements. 

Peer Reviews

Okay, just to recap the peer reviews. Are we just supposed to write a quick one or two lines on each of the 10 we choose to review? Or is more needed? I took notes on the presentations, but honestly they were all so good I dont feel like I have much to say besides compliments. 🙂

Indexing the Football Images (part 5: Subject)

I was in charge of the Subject Element guidelines for the football images and I find this confusing too. I think it may be best to avoid the “Football-Offense” and “Football-Defense” subjects for the football database. I am instead focusing on teams, player positions, and plays that are available in the LC authorities file.


Okay, so I’ve saved the hard parts for last: Subject & Description. In looking at subject, I wondered why we had selected such general terms. The subject heading Football would describe every image. Why bother with a term that applies to all images? I keep forgetting about harvesting. Clicking on the subject term Football in this Bryant Museum repository would return results for all images, but in a larger repository that term actually has value.

I am a bit confused about “Football—Offense” and “Football—Defense.” I mean, it’s all about perspective, right? If I have a picture of the Alabama quarterback throwing a pass that includes the other team’s defensive players in the picture, it could be labeled both Football—Offense and Football—Defense. Should I be looking at this from an Alabama home team perspective? Probably not. I should be objective. As a result, all images with players from both teams are…

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Football Indexing – Player Names

I got a chance to really start indexing the images today. It turned out to be more fun than I thought. I liked investigating the images for the information that I needed. However I did run into something interesting. I cannot find a player name for #61 on the 1975 roster for this image ( I can’t see how the number would be anything other than 61, so I was wondering if anyone else has run across a similar issue. 

Subject Element Guideline Update

I have updated the Subject Heading Guideline for the Football Images. Posting it below to see if anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions. 🙂


  • Subject

Element Description

  • Topic of the content of the resource.


  • Yes, this element is required.


  • Yes, this element is repeatable.

Guidelines for Creation of Content

  • To assist users navigating, browsing, and collocating the collection use controlled vocabulary and choose from the Library of Congress Subject Heading list.
  • When using specific names or places, people, etc. check for an Authorized Subject Heading with the Library of Congress Authority File.
  • Choosing Subject Headings:
    • Step 1: Analyze the content of the image and determine what needs to be represented in the metadata record.
    • Step 2: Locate specific controlled vocabulary (LCSH) terms that best represent the analyzed image content.


  • Football — Alabama — Tuscaloosa
  • Football — Offense — History
  • University of Alabama — Athletics


  • The Library of Congress Authorities File can be found at:
  • Feel free to use these Library of Congress Subject Headings where appropriate:
    • Football coaches–Alabama
    • Football–Offense
    • Football players
    • Football teams
    • Football fans
    • Football injuries
    • Quarterbacks (Football)
    • Running backs (Football)
    • Backfield play (Football)
    • Linebackers (Football)
    • Football–Defense
    • Wide receivers (Football)
    • College football players
    • Football
    • Alabama Crimson Tide (Football team)
  • College football teams usually have their own Library of Congress subject Heading, as exemplified above with the “Alabama Crimson Tide (Football team)” subject heading.